Happy Birthday| 10 years of WTL's Running

2023-10-17 16:39:10

   On 23rd,May of ten years ago , WTL International Limited was found. A group of young people with a dream opened a new chapter in their lives in Shenzhen, from then on they began to work to build the company into the leading enterprise of quartz crystal industry. Time flies like an arrow, the days and months are passing by, in the blink of an eye, WTL International Limited has gone through ten years of hard working. Ten years, the pursuit of excellence made a chapter of struggle, ten years, we achieved entrepreneurial glory between the spring and autumn.

Director Zhao‘s Speech  

   The past ten years have been a glorious decade and a decade of hard work, during which WTL has gone from zero to one, from nothing to something. It has also been a decade of high ambition and continuous progress. Our members have been enriched, our departments have been improved and team has become more and more mature. At the same time, it has also been a challenging decade. We have been overcoming difficulties and seen the ups and downs from staff changes, performance ups and downs to company relocations of this decade.

General Manager Wu' s Speech

   There is an old saying that "footprints are only left on a muddy road". A walk without wind and rain, without ups and downs is like walking with one foot on a flat and hard road,leaving nothing behind when your foot goes. And those who have experienced the wind and rain, they trudge through the pain, like walking with two feet in the mud, they do not walk fast, but the footprints testify to the value of their walk. while WTL continue to realise our own value, we also continue to create corresponding value for our clients, because we know how to live together and win together, that is why we can move forward all the way.

Choral singing song《Fly Higner》  

   In the future,WTL will continue to make unremitting efforts, start from the past success to innovate and develop again and continue to surpass and break through, continue to improve ourselves, reinvent ourselves to seize new opportunities and achieve new development,we will move on to a new level. The next ten years will be another decade of struggling and achievement, it is also a decade of continued commitment with our customers, so let's make a pact and see you in the next ten-years celebration.

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