we are committed to providing customized sustainable development products
and solutions for various industries and scenarios.
application scenario
Logistics Transportation
Circler's customized products provide efficient and convenient solutions for the logistics transportation industry. Our customized packaging products are made of environmentally friendly materials, helping to reduce plastic pollution and can be reused, reducing packaging waste, lowering costs, and improving efficiency.
Home Organization
Our products are made from recycled materials, meeting environmental standards. They can help achieve item classification and organization, maximize space utilization in home scenarios, reduce waste, and improve tidiness.
Warehouse Storage
Circler's customized products emphasize the sustainability of materials, providing intelligent and convenient storage solutions, improving storage efficiency, and reducing resource waste.
Eco-friendly Tableware
Our eco-friendly tableware is made of biodegradable materials or reusable materials, aiming to reduce single-use plastic consumption and promote the spread of green and environmentally friendly dining concepts.
We are committed to providing customers with green and environmentally friendly products and solutions, jointly building a more sustainable ecological environment.
Product Categories
Reusable Packaging Products
As the preferred choice for building a green supply chain, we provide environmentally friendly packaging solutions covering multiple fields such as logistics, shopping, warehousing, and office documents. Carefully designed with high-quality assurance, we practice the way of green living while saving costs.
Our Advantages
Customized Products
Provide customized product solutions for different scenario needs to meet customers' personalized requirements.
Innovative Design
Focus on product design and functional innovation, continuously launching new products that meet market demands.
Environmental Sustainability
Committed to environmental sustainability, product materials comply with environmental standards, serving green living.
Efficient Service
Professional teams provide efficient services, ensuring timely response and resolution of customer needs.
After-sales Support
Provide comprehensive after-sales support services, ensuring that customers receive timely assistance and solutions when encountering problems during use.
Product Formation
All our products are made of recyclable RPP materials, which can be reused after certain processing.
In addition, we have established a sound recycling mechanism to ensure that products can be effectively recycled and processed at the end of their service life.
Material Introduction
RPP (Recyclable Polypropylene)
RPP is a recyclable plastic material, mainly sourced from the recycling of polypropylene plastic waste. Through recycling and reuse, RPP can reduce the consumption of virgin resources, alleviate the pressure of waste disposal, and adhere to the concepts of circular economy and sustainable development.
RPET (Recyclable Polyester)
RPET is a recycled material made from recycled polyester plastics, typically from discarded plastic bottles and other products. Through recycling and reuse, RPET can reduce environmental pollution caused by plastic waste, as well as the energy and raw material consumption required for new plastic production, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
PLA is a biodegradable plastic material made from renewable plant resources such as corn. It has good transparency and hardness and is widely used in food packaging, medical devices, and other fields. PLA is environmentally friendly, reduces reliance on finite resources, and promotes sustainable development.
Sustainable Materials
Such as bamboo, renewable wood, and other materials with short growth cycles and fast renewal rates. Using these materials helps reduce pressure on forest resources and aligns with the concept of sustainable development.
ESG Special Committee
ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) will become an important part of corporate development.
The implementation of ESG projects is crucial for the sustainable long-term development of enterprises and solidifying the path of 'Made in China, Brands Going Global'.
Peak emissions by 2030, strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.
Establishment of carbon footprint management rules and standards. Promotion of ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance).
ESG Committee Details
Build a green industry overseas development platform to help achieve peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality goals.
Promote the green economic transformation for sustainable development of enterprises, guide low-carbon consumption in green industries.
Shared, co-creation, win-win, mutual growth, gratitude, peace.
Service Content
1. Clean energy
2. global carbon trading
3. Carbon-neutral strategy for product packaging materials
4. Sustainable development training
5. Corporate social responsibility and public welfare
6. Green Economy of Intelligent Digital Media Brands
7. Trade Import and Export Compliance
8. Financial Insurance Trust
9. Carbon Neutrality Certification Testing
10. Green Supply Chain

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