Exhibition information | continued to be popular, unprecedented

2024-04-30 10:27:44

   On the second day of the Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Exhibition, Circler's booth continued to attract a high level of popularity and enthusiasm, undoubtedly reaffirming our leading position and significant influence in the green packaging industry.

   A continuous stream of industry colleagues and potential partners came forward, expressing strong interest and highly praising Circler's latest unique designs, excellent performance, and packaging technologies. This demonstrates Circler's strength in innovation and technological research and development, as well as our keen insight into market demand.

   At the exhibition site, Circler's professional team provided thorough explanations and meticulous service to each visitor, ensuring that every customer could gain in-depth understanding of our products and services. This professional and enthusiastic service attitude has earned widespread praise and high recognition from attendees.

   Looking back on the experiences of the second day of the exhibition, it was truly a grand event showcasing Circler's strength comprehensively. We look forward to continuing to engage with more peers and potential partners in the days ahead, jointly promoting the progress and development of the green packaging industry.

Address: Hall D28, East Hall 3, Asia Expo Center

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