Exhibition Information | Welcome to the Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Exhibition.

2024-04-29 16:42:22

The Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Exhibition, as the most influential printing and packaging event in the Asia-Pacific region, has attracted numerous outstanding companies in the industry to exhibit. As a leading player in the industry, WTL International Limited, taking the theme of "innovation, environmental protection, sustainable development, recyclability, and win-win" for this exhibition, showcased the latest technological achievements and innovations in environmentally friendly packaging products.

       Circler is a new brand established by WTL International Limited. in the environmental protection field, dedicated to providing customers with reusable express boxes, express bags, shopping bags, takeaway bags, storage boxes, and other eco-friendly packaging products. The company aims to become a leader in green packaging. Their products have been certified with ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, and Global Recycle Standard 4.0 (GRS 4.0).

       The Circler project is an extension of the brand based on the concept of "reuse and recycling" in the European Union's sustainability policies. Compared to traditional landfill and incineration methods, these products have a smaller carbon footprint. Carbon recovery is also a component of the EU's sustainability policies. The project starts with raw material management, using recyclable and eco-friendly materials for product development and manufacturing. At the same time, it actively explores energy-saving and environmentally friendly production processes, tracking carbon emissions from raw materials to finished products, and strives to build a complete eco-friendly industry chain.

On the first day of the exhibition, our company's showcased products stood out due to their unique design, excellent performance, and wide range of applications. Whether it was innovative packaging material design or our focus on environmental protection and sustainability, our products garnered significant interest from customers.

Customers flocked to our booth, engaging in in-depth discussions with our sales team, inquiring about the performance features, environmental advantages, and applicable scenarios of our products. They showed strong interest and high appreciation for our products, believing they have enormous market potential.

We look forward to continuing in-depth discussions with customers during the upcoming days of the exhibition and exploring more cooperation opportunities together.

Address: Hall D28, East Hall 3, Asia Expo Center

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