Thanksgiving: The General Manager of the Company Visits the Shenzhen Municipal Foreign Affairs Office

2023-12-13 15:55:35

On the occasion of Thanksgiving, our company's General Manager,

Ms. Wu Juanli, and Mr. Zhu Hongkai, Vice Secretary-General of the Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Association, visited the office of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee's Foreign Affairs Working Committee.

They received a warm reception from Director Cao Saixian and other leaders of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee's Foreign Affairs Office. Ms. Wu personally presented a banner with the words

"Extending a helping hand in difficult times, thankful to the people for being good public servants," expressing gratitude for the long-term care and assistance provided by the Shenzhen Municipal Committee's Foreign Affairs Office to our company.

Duringthe meeting, Ms. Wu reported to the leaders of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee'sForeign Affairs Office that, in early October this year, she had been  invited by a German team to attend the beer festival in Munich, Germany. The German team not only expressed interest in collaborating with our company on electronic, medical, andenvironmental protection projects but also expressed the intention to cooperate in new energy, gifts, and other fields.

Furthermore, Ms. Wu introduced the integration and market feedback of three self-owned brand product categories:

WTL(electronics),Lyttop(medical),and Circler(environmental protection).

She also explained the birth and steady development of the WTL, Circler, and Lyttop brands. The company has further derived the WTLplus brand, integrating the three brands and future new areas under the unified management of WTLplus, achieving the sustainable globalization of WTLplus.

At the same time, we actively responds to President Xi's call for "the Earth is a common home, and everyone shares in its prosperity." Efforts are being made to promote our company's sustainable development and investment in new energy, as well as research, development, production, and sales of repeatable and recyclable products.

This is a contribution to promoting global green products and the circular economy(Net Zero Product).

Deputy Director Zhong Jiajun of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee's Foreign Affairs Office and Tang Juan, Director of the Foreign Affairs Security Department (Consulate), participated in the discussion.

Based on the current situation and future development plans of our company, Tang Juan warmly invited our general manager, as a representative of the enterprise, to participate in a recommended meeting on November 28th (Tuesday) with the theme of new energy.
During the discussion, Ms. Wu stated that the company is committed to professional supply chain management. China does not lack products; what is lacking is the integration of laws and regulations between countries and localization of sales channel transformation. In this process, we have played a bridging role and achieved certain results. We look forward to cooperating with people from all walks of life to form a closed-loop supply chain management. This involves matching the existing products and production capacity of suppliers, exploring future development products and increasing capacity, and matching customer demands at every level. The goal is to maximize the value of the entire supply chain, laying the foundation for the overseas expansion of "Made in China, Brand Going Global."

The road to overseas expansion for Made in China is long and challenging. We hope that more ambitious individuals will join us in building dreams, working together, and jointly realizing the dream of "Made in China, Brand Going Global."

At the end of the meeting, Ms. Wu sincerely invited Director Cao and other leaders of the Foreign Affairs Office and leaders of the Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Association to visit

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