Awarded the Hong Kong Sustainable Development Innovation Technology Award, Sharing the Path to Corporate Success

2023-11-24 14:37:10

In the golden autumn of October, the fragrance of osmanthus wafts and the fruitful harvest is abundant. Shenzhen Vito Precision Technology Co., Ltd. (Vito Precision), through its own medical product brand "Lidun" (Shenzhen Lidun Health Technology Co., Ltd.), participated in the medical and health category funded by the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Department and organized by the Global Society of Sustainable Development Planners at the "Hong Kong Sustainable Development Innovation Technology Award Ceremony" on October 21, And won two awards: Outstanding Leader Award (Lily Wu) and Outstanding Talent Award (Leo Song).

During the three-year period of the epidemic, Mr. Song Yibin, Director of Weituo Precision Technology Co., Ltd., demonstrated outstanding contributions to sustainable development innovation and was awarded the Outstanding Talent Award for Medical and Health Innovation Technology.

Vito Precision has always been committed to sustainable development and innovative technology, and its "Lidun" (Shenzhen Lidun Health Technology Co., Ltd.) medical products play an important role in the medical field. The company's epidemic prevention mask production line has achieved 100% automation production, improving production efficiency and quality. At the same time, they also focus on green transportation logistics and sustainable supply chain management to ensure that the transportation and supply processes of products are environmentally sustainable.

Vito Precision's "Lidun" (Shenzhen Lidun Health Technology Co., Ltd.) products are not only available in Hong Kong, but also provide support in multiple countries to help solve the problem of insufficient medical resources. Among them, their self testing package can alleviate the pressure on frontline medical staff in various countries and effectively reduce the risk of epidemic transmission.

In addition, Vito Precision also actively participates in social responsibility activities, donating materials free of charge to different vulnerable communities to ensure they receive necessary protection and support.

Ms. Wu Juanli, General Manager of Shenzhen Weituo Precision Technology Co., Ltd., has made outstanding contributions to building the company's sustainable innovation technology culture and talent cultivation policies, and has therefore been awarded the Outstanding Leader Award in Medical and Health Innovation Technology. This honor is not only a recognition of the hard work of all employees of Weituo Precision Electric in the past three years, but also a high praise for General Manager Wu Juanli. We believe that under her leadership, Weituo Precision Electric will continue to maintain the momentum of innovation and development, and bring more breakthroughs and contributions to the medical and health field.Weituo Precision Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved significant results in sustainable development and innovative technology management over the past three years, forming a unique management system and corporate culture, laying a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the enterprise. At present, the company has entered a new field of sustainable development, actively committed to helping more developing countries and regions build excellent medical infrastructure and security standards, and actively contributing to building a community with a shared future for mankind.

In addition, CIRCLER/Senke is a brand new brand established by our company in the field of environmental protection. CIRCLER is committed to providing customers with reusable express boxes, bags, and other environmentally friendly packaging, as well as eco-friendly tableware. Its goal is to become a leader in green express packaging and provide customers with excellent quality products and services.

As a brand designed based on the principles of "reuse and recycling" in the EU's sustainable development policy, CIRCLER/Senke has a lower carbon footprint than traditional landfill and incineration methods, and is also a crucial part of the EU's sustainable development policy.

Our team starts with raw material management, using recyclable and environmentally friendly materials for product development and production, and actively exploring energy-saving and environmentally friendly production processes. Record and track carbon emissions throughout the entire process from materials to finished products, striving to create a complete and efficient environmental protection industry chain. We actively develop and promote reusable products, and call on all enterprises to actively participate in sustainable development management and contribute to the common care of the Earth and human sustainable development.

Vito Precision will continue to leverage the influence of sustainable development culture and promote the reconstruction of global partnerships to achieve the goal of sustainable development by strengthening the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 17 (SDG17).

The award of Weituo Precision Electric at the Hong Kong Sustainable Development Innovation Technology Awards Ceremony is a recognition of our company's efforts and achievements in the field of sustainable development and innovation technology. We will continue to be committed to bringing more innovative and sustainable solutions to the healthcare sector. At the same time, we also look forward to more outstanding talents joining our team to jointly write the brilliant future of Shenzhen Weituo Precision Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

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